Deepika Kamaiah is back

The hilly region of Coorg district heroine Deepika Kamaiah after ‘Chingari’ with challenging star Darshan and ‘Auto Raaja’ with golden star Ganesh was not seen around for quite some time. She is now in a newcomer film ‘Devaravne Bidu Guru’ (God is there Guru), Pratham is the director of this film has created a prank in his catch line. The tag line for the title – Hudga Yediyuvappa Kade, Hudgi Kumaranna Kade’ – both the names are former chief ministers of Karnataka. Both held a coalition government of BJP and JDS in the past.


Off late pulling Radio Jockeys to the films has become habit. One former RJ Pradeep is a director and a few others have tried their acting skill in small roles. After Rachana RJ in ‘Simple Ag Ondh Love Story’ it is now term of another popular RJ Rapid Rashmi in an important role in this ‘Devravne Bidu Guru’.


Gagan is making debut as hero with supporting cast Prajju Povaiah, Dr Srinath and a few students of Mysore Engineering College.


This is a comedy cum emotional pack says Pratham. The parents and children behavior is the major content in this film.


For the start of this film Paratham is planning a ‘Half Marathon’ race from Bangalore palace focusing on female child killing in the womb and need of World Peace.


Deepika Kamaiah is back