Saturday Jun 25, 2016

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Koothara Malayalam Movie Review

Koothara Review

3 stars - based on 5 reviews

‘Koothara’ – the name itself has created much curiosity among the movie goers and it is better to watch the movie with least expectations unless.


                                Koobrin (Bharath), Tharun (Tovino Thomas) and Ram (Sunny Wayne) are three best friends, whose life witnessed some extreme phases with them enjoying their college life to the maximum at a particular point of time and later going through an extremely tough phase. And it was with the entry of a mysterious character called Usthad Saali, whom they met accidentally that their life witnessed the wind of changes.


                                Well, the movie started off on a positive note with the makers giving an interesting account of the college life of those three friends. It was the case that the movie managed to strike a chord with the life of a usual college student or that of the youngsters of our current society. Their life, which often is a picture of upswing actions, turned out to be an indeed enjoyable one. However, the situation witnessed a 180 degree change post first half and the makers tried to pour light into their struggling life post – college life. And this was the position when the movie entered to a different zone and probably something that wasn’t expected from this first half.


                                From nowhere, the movie started to concentrate on an entirely different set up and the whole screen was filled with the hullabaloo taking place between the threesome and that mysterious character. Often this was the case with most of the movies, that of terminating the process with the first half and badly exploring the story in the latter half. ‘Koothara’ happened to be the extended one to this list and the director – script writer duo failed to capitalize on the momentum set in the first half. The scenario on the latter half was filled with a rather lagging outlook and in an inconsistent way.


                                What was even heartening that the entry of the mysterious character post interval turned out to be nothing exception for an actor of the caliber of Mohanlal to handle with. Though there were moments of glimpse that the character is going to take the movie to a different zone, nothing much happened as expected and turned out to be something that most of the audience didn’t like. If it was that of providing the much needed message or the inspiration for the youth to handle tensed situations, the whole set up must have to be something different from the one set in the movie. And ask yourself, whether the movie managed to inspire to take up something different in your life and rate it on that scale.


The script of Vini Vishwa Lal didn’t showcase any captivating moments and apart from the vibrant first half and the dialogues between the threesome, there was nothing much from his script. Director Srinath Rajendran on the other hand seems to be apprehending over experimenting with the script given to him and the contrasting nature between the movie’s first and second half is the answer to the doubts over this matter. The cinematographic department which was expected to be on a top notch, has offered you an average experience with the graphics too turning out to be nothing much exceptional. On the other hand, Gopi Sunder with the music department has offered just another passable experience.


                                It was the three youngsters, who were given the maximum scope for performance and Bharath was the most outstanding one from the gang. Though was limited to the romcom image most of the time during first half, the role was indeed and enjoyable experience from this talented actor. Sunny Wayne too showcased yet another typical character, whose life is centered on his friends. Tovino Thomas too has had his moments. The three lead lady characters – Bhavana, Janani Iyer and Gauthami Nair has had nothing much to perform and were limited to particular scenes only.


                                And now comes the question over the relevance of an actor of the stature of Mohanlal in this particular movie. It remains a matter of mystery with the actor taking up the so – called mysterious character, which was not given a proper shape by the writers. If they concentrated or took some effort to give a proper shape  to the character other than of delivering punch dialogues, it would have been an altogether different story.


Verdict: One Time Watchable Movie


Rating:  3



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