Aadu Thoma Lorry makes presence felt once again

Director Bhadran’s biggest hit, as well as one of the most loved action films of superstar Mohanlal – Sphadikam, is once again making headlines. The trademark Chekutthan lorry in the movie has once again made its presence felt in public. Well, you would be thinking of a sequel to the movie, the rumours of which have been floating ever since the release of ‘Sphadikam’.

We are talking about director the marriage of Bhadran’s son – Jerry Bhadran. Jerry Bhadran’s marriage reception saw the Chekutthan lorry becoming the centre of attraction. Jerry Bhadran – Saira couple reached the venue of their marriage reception, Pala St. Thomas College Sports Complex auditorium, in the lorry, which was named Chekutthan. Well, the presence of the lorry has added all the glitz and glamour for the auspicious function.

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