Anushka prefers Chiranjeevi to Prabhas?

The dream pair of Anushka – Prabhas Jodi is been virtually eulogized in all the entertainment portals across the nation, post the gargantuan success of ‘Baahubali 2’. The presence of the pair is sure to woo a large section of the audience. But, things seem to be not working in favour for the makers of ‘Saaho’, who wished to recreate the firing onscreen chemistry between Prabhas and Anushka. The reports of Anushka backing off from ‘Saaho’ were given much importance by the media, but none was sure about the reason behind her exit. Now, we have some sneak peek to the way things have changed in the past some months, when Anushka decided to pick Megastar movie ‘Uyyalawada’ over Prabhas’s high voltage action entertainer ‘Saaho’.

It is been reported that a biopic film like ‘Uyyalawada’, which offers more space for the actress in her to excel, be more or less the reason behind Anushka’s sudden change of mind.