Asif Ali’s ‘B.Tech’ movie turned a battlefield

Asif Ali starring ‘B.Tech’ has gone through an unfortunate situation, during its shooting in Bengaluru. The movie, which was shooting in and around ‘Freedom Park’, Bengaluru, saw a group of junior artists vandalizing the shooting set of the movie. As was reported by a close source with the film, they were shooting for a particular scene, which featured a number of Kannada junior artists, who were given the role of police officials.

While the shooting was progressing, the junior artists started beating the stars with lathi. Stars including Asif Ali, Saiju Kurupp and Aparna met with injuries and director Mridul Nair was forced to pack up. When team questioned the junior artists, the situation got out of the control as the latter section went onto havoc the shooting location.

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