Big B 2’: Dulquer wants to be in, Amal Neerad says no

With Megastar Mammootty’s ‘Bilal’ getting its shape, it seems like we might have a bigger than expected cast in this second part of ‘Big B’. Ever since the reports of ‘Bilal’ hit the media, news reports of Mammotty – Dulquer teaming up for this project, started doing rounds in the social media corners. However, with Amal Neerad himself making things clear, it is almost certain that we would need to wait further to see dad and son together on the big screen.


Meanwhile, Dulquer has clearly made his wish public that he badly needed to be part of this project. While attending a public function, he faced several questions regarding him being part of ‘Bilal’. Dulquer went onto state that he would be ready to go for attending even auditions, for being part of ‘Bilal’. Now, it is all up to Amal Neerad to decide whether to go or not with Mammootty – Dulquer combo for ‘Bilal’.

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