What has Dileep’s ‘D’ Cinemas to do with Kalabhavan Mani ?

Ever since the arrest of Dileep has shocked the Malayalee audiences, the name of ‘Janapriyanayakan’ seems to have changed to be a cow churning out unlimited milk for media. With the passage of each day, we are having new revelations about the star’s boisterous business. Though we are still roaming around the central issue – over the attack of the actress – a case that is gaining more momentum these days, seems to be the land deals involving Dileep. Couple of days before, late Kalabhavan Mani’s brother Ramakrishnan came up with some marked comments on Dileep. Adding that his brother had some alleged business deals with Dileep, he said that Kalabhavan wasn’t quite impressed with the outcomes.

               Right now, CBI has made some comments, which reverberate the allegations of Ramakrishnan. It is further revealed that ‘D Cinemas’ was designed to be a venture having equal shares for both Dileep and Kalabhavan Mani. It is been added that the title of the project too was ‘DM Cinemas’, with Kalabhavan Mani making a reasonable financial contribution. Since they have even commented that it was Kalabhavan Mani’s initiation which materialized ‘D Cinemas’ in Chalakkudy, there seems to have another serious issue bubbling around ‘Janapriyanayakan.’

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