HC ruled out Kajal’s demands

The Madras High Court ruled out the demand raised by Kajal Aggarwal, over charging a higher remuneration from an advertising company. All started off when the actress asked for a 2.5 Cr payment for an advertisement featuring her, which was shot back in 2008. According to Kajal, the market value of the actress had undergone a sea change from the day she had appeared the advertisement; thereby asking for an additional amount, to meet her changed remuneration package. However the Chennai based hair Oil Company turned down her needs, resulting in Madras HC intervening to find a solution for this problem.

Reached under the court, the case however turned out to be in favour of the Oil Company, as copyrights act gives permission for the company to own the product for a long 60 years, once they shot an advertisement. To her embarrassment, the court also asked Kajal to pay the expenses of the company, occurred due to court proceedings.

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