Isha is a big fan of Prithviraj..!

We know that Prithviraj, though is not quite different from the younger generation of artists in terms of age, the star however is been watched with a lot of respect by all of the current crop of stars. Many have expressed their respect for Prithviraj and the latest star to open the mind is Isha Talwar. Starring with Prithviraj in the upcoming movie ‘Detroit Crossing’, Isha made it clear that she used to stay back in the sets even after the completion of her shooting schedules, just to watch the performance of Prithvi.


Adding that Prithvi had helped her during the shooting in terms of improving her performance as well as by hearting dialogues, Isha was a happy girl at this moment. Under the direction of Nirmal Sahadev, ‘Detroit Crossing’ is gearing up for release in the early part of 2018.

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