Manju Warrier – Kalamandalam Hemalatha issue: Look what we have now!

Soon when Manju Warrier was announced the winner of ‘Kerala Kalamandalam MKK Nair’ awarded, all we heard was not just a set of congratulatory notes, but some controversial comments as well. It was Kalamandalam Hemalatha, who came forward with some marked comments on Manju Warrier being awarded, whereas she opined that it should have been a struggling artist, passed out form ‘Kerala Kalamandalam’. Now, we have a writer wielding support for Manju Warrier – Lijeesh Kumar. Bashing out Hemalatha’s opinions, Lijeesh Kumar stated that even MKK Nair too wasn’t an alumni of ‘Kerala Kalamandalam’. Stating that the award was aimed at honouring profound artists who love and support art, Lijeesh Kumar went onto declare that Manju Warrier, being a supremely talented dancer, was eligible to receive the award.


Further then, Lijeesh mentioned that besides being a super talented dancer, Manju Warrier also carries the tagline of ‘Lady Superstar’, something which was incredible by any standards.

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