Was Meera Vasudev ready to go nude for ‘Thanmathra’

‘Thanmathra’ is one such an actress, who made her mark with some striking performances and the best role, for which she is now remembered for is ‘Thanmathra’. This Blessy directorial featured some striking performances from all the lead actors; while Mohanlal literally produced an inimitable onscreen act. Well, besides sparkling acting moments, the movie also topped headlines for the nude scene, which the lead stars Mohanlal and Meera Vasudev performed.

When inquired recently, Meera Vasudev opened up that she had only one condition for enacting the role. Well, she demanded director Blessy to feature only selected cast and crew members, while she was performing the scene. She however maintained that when a star like Mohanlal was ready to perform the scene, it took no time for her to agree for doing the same.

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