“Nijam was like not because of Mahesh Babu”, Tej

Director Tej was daring enough to openly state that his past movie ‘Nijam’ was liked by audience not because of its lead star ‘Mahesh Babu’. Adding that the movie was appreciated for its content, Tej mentioned about coming back with a movie titled as ‘Idhi Nijam Kaadu’, the story of which could be either prequel or sequel to that of ‘Nijam’. He, however added that the movie won’t be featuring Prince Mahesh Babu in the lead role. Underlining the importance of the content, Tej might be going for a fresh unit of cast.

That said, for a second part to the much acclaimed ‘Nijam’ to happen, Tej puts forward one condition: Make his ‘Nenu Raju Nenu Mantri’ a blockbuster!

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