Priyanka Chopra attended UNICEF Forum 2018

Priyanka Chopra visiting India for a matter of staying here for just 16 hours, created much a buzz herein India. The actress flew from Ireland to Delhi for participating the UNICEF Forum 2018. The event saw PC speaking about giving equal rights to girl child. By means of equal rights, the actress placed much an importance on providing right education and health facilities for girls. Along with Priyanka Chopra, the event saw Union Health Minister JP Nadda sharing the stage, and many other guests. During her speech, PC delivered a speech for powering women and her experience in interacting with women from different part of the world.

According to PC, the experience of meeting women from different parts of the world, was an incredible journey. She opined that those women exhibited tremendous power, despite coming from weaker sections of the society. PC has mentioned about her experience of visiting a refugee camp, wherein she came across women from various sections of the society. Well, what impressed Priyanka was that, girls going through extremely difficult times, end up as community leaders. However, PC added that such girls received ample support from within their communities. One thing, which she found most distressing, was that of the society placing restrictions on girls. The actress maintained that such unnecessary restrictions would deliver no result rather than weakening the confidence level of girls.

While talking about her family, Priyanka maintained that she was lucky enough to be born to a privileged family. PC even clarified that by means of privilege, she wasn’t discussing about her family’s financial status; rather, it was the kind of freedom, which they had given the actress. She specifically stressed the influence, which her father exerted on her life. PC commented that her father asked her to be brave and open up her mind. Well, PC maintained that once a person receives such ample freedom, it was his/her duty to give something back to the society.

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