Ramaleela is a Roaring Hit!!!

Finally the 2 week collection report of Ramaleela has reached the media with a bang. As per the reports, the movie has manage to collect a huge 25 crore rupees within 11 days of box office Run. Though the producers are yet to come up with an official data, the stars official fan page ‘Dileep Official’, has released an interesting data. Stating that the movie has Performed exceedingly well across all releasing centers, the page further added that the movie would definitely cross INR 50Cr mark within the next two weeks. 

That’s said, though the official data is yet to come, it is almost certain that the movie is on its way to become the highest grosser of this year in Malayalam film industry. With the actress abduction case is still hanging uncertainly over Dileep’s head, it has to be seen how far the movie would go now. Anyways producer Tomichan Mulakupadam should be a happy man these days. Guess who is the happiest one? Well no doubt debutant director Arun Gopi! 

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