Sexually assaulted as a child, reveals Nivetha Pethuraj

While the whole country is reeling under tremendous pressure to cope with the rising instances of sexual abuses against children, actress Nivetha Pethuraj has come up sharing her shocking experience of being subject to one such an instance, as a child. Recently, the actress has taken social media corners, wherein she was seen asking parents to be aware of child sexual abuse. During the video post, she said that, she too had been sexually harassed as a child. Nivetha maintained that while the incident was taking place, she was barely 5 years old. Most importantly, she pointed out that men close to the family were the perpetrators during the incident. Sharing her dilemma back then, the actress added that she even didn’t know what had happened to her.

During the video post, the actress stressed the need for parents to safeguard their children from abuses. Nivetha was into the point straightaway, that parents should create awareness in children about sexual abuse. According to her, parents should speak about the same to the children, by the age the kid turns two years. Continuing on her point, she said that child abuses usually don’t happen with strangers involving in it. Requesting parents to be more responsible for their children, Nivetha wanted all kids to be aware of improper ways of speaking and touching. She was of the opinion that such instructions would only strengthen the children. In this age of increased reports of such sexual abuses, the actress said that she has started approaching everyone with suspicion.

Starred in films such as ‘Oru Naal Koothu’, ‘Mental Madhilo’, Nivetha’s facebook video has found many takers in social media corners. Praising the actress for her stance, many were of the opinion that such actions were of the need of the hour – on the light of incidents of Kathua and Unnao rape cases. On her professional front, Nivetha has got as many as four releases this year.

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