Sarvopari Palakkaran Review

Jose Kaithaparambil (Anoop Menon), born to a conservative Christian family, is a Circle Inspector by profession. His search for an ideal life partner comes to an end, before which he zeroes in with Linta (Anu Sithara). Soon then he was assigned a high profile rape case by his superior ASP Chandra Sivakumar (Gayathri Arun). Meanwhile, Jose comes across a suave young girl Anupama (Aparna Balamurali). Jose soon was bewildered by the acts of Anupama and develops a warm feeling for her, leaving Linta at the other end. How Jose uncoils the difficulties of his professional as well as personal life, is what ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ is all about.

If you want to categorize ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ as a feel good entertainer to attract family audiences, then there are moments in abundance to showcase how a typical ‘Palakkaran’ acts, or to be precise how they are expected to act by others. But, for a large portion, movie is all about Jose’s cop act behind a case. Then, can you count ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ as a thriller movie? Not in every sense, since we have mentioned about how the movie emphasized to personify the titular element. In between the race to touch both these extremes, ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ exhausts its energy to deliver a flawless narration.

Had they relied more on the storyline, which had the scope to perform well with the audience, ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ could have attained a definite identity and could have been served to a specific target audience without much hurdles. Unnecessary scenes are aplenty there in this Venugopan directorial from the viewpoint of both the kind of genres, with characters landing up in a confused state of affair, barring the one of Anupama’s. Her characterization served what it was intended to be. Instilling a kind of mystery on her shoulders, Anupama’s actions however could give you a glimpse at where the movie was heading to – if you were patient enough to read it out from her overt actions, rather than paying attention to petty actions taking place out there.

Artists have all performed well according to their needs; the only fault to point out being a lack of attention given by Suresh Babu’s script to slice out unimportant matters. Anoop Menon was fit to the role, but was stuck between an ideal character and that of an intelligent police officer. Anu Sithara, Gayathri Arun, Alencier, Nandu, Balu Varghese and the rest have all excelled in their respective roles. But, it was Aparna Balamurali, who outshone the rest with her balanced act, though has had the shades of some of her previous characters. Now, the actress should pay enough attention to not being stereotyped.

Alby did a good job behind the camera, while Vinod Sukumaran could have trimmed down the movie a bit more to make it in shape. Bijipal’s musical chords were okay and provided the required effect. All in all, ‘Sarvopari Palakkaran’ is strictly belongs to be labeled as an average flick.

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