Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review

Back in the 90’s, there have been a slew of small scale films, which wielded their canvas to the improbable, yet entertaining events of some commoners. Call it a cycle, Malayalam cinema is reviving the formula, but with some innovative treatments. ‘Thrissivaperoor Kliptham’ is one such an attempt to deal with the lives of some middle aged guys and their rivalry, the roots of which goes back to their high school days. Well, it did include an insanely big star cast, and just don’t expect the innovation, which we just mentioned above.

Two gangs led by two heavyweights, David Pauly (Chemban Vinod) and Chembaden Joey (Baburaj), though gone a long way from their high school days, still keep the rivalry between them dearly. All they wanted was to see the downfall of the other gangs, and guess what happens when a young man in his 20’s enters the stage. A go lucky guy by nature, Girija Vallabhan (Asif Ali), however has something mysteriousness inside him, and ‘Thrissavaperoor Kliptham’ is an attempt to crack this nut.

Right from the first half, which carried the uphill task of introducing every bit of characters, ‘TK’ seemed to be lagging behind its intended output. The movie, which definitely had its moments, however prolonged the course of journey unnecessarily – resulting in a dwindling effect. As is said from ancient times, for a story to deliver its purpose, there need to have a unity of action. Look here! What you come across is a large list of characters, carrying equal importance, unleashing their acting prowess. Tickled with humour, debutant Ratheesh Kumar has tried to abridge the story in a decent manner, and we should appreciate his efforts. But that alone couldn’t save the movie from the clutches of this not so strong script penned by PS Rafeeque.

To point out a marketable hero material, we have Asif Ali delivering Girija Vallabhan without much hassle. But a lion’s share of ‘TK’ belongs to the strong co stars, especially with Chemban Vinod. This man definitely edged out the rest with an amazing screen presence, coupled with some arresting dialogues. David Pauly was definitely safe in his hands. Baburaj too excelled in his part, while the actor could have treated on a better fashion towards the end. Another notable one to be mentioned is Aparna Balamurali, whose controlled enacting as Bhageerathi did bring a powerful character, without any serious flaws.

Be it BGM and music department of Bijipal or that of the cinematographic skills of Swaroop, the whole crew worked in tandem to give this small movie, what it needs. One can’t rule out their effort in bringing up ‘TK’ from being yet another below average flick.

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