Varnyathil Ashanka Review

We have seen a bit too much of robbery cases these days in films, out of which many have Thrissur playing a major role in the background. It is better not taking a list of similar movies, in order to not spill the beans. The movie is a journey through the four characters, ‘Kowta Sivan’ (Kunchacko Boban), ‘Paara Wilson’ (Chemban Vinod), ‘Chambakkara Gilbert’ (Manikandan) and Pratheesh (Shine Tom Chacko). The foursome, with the help of Dayanandan (Suraj Venjarammood), plans for a jewellery heist. How they chalk out their idea on a harthal day forms the crux of the movie.

In a desperate attempt to touch and try at every newsworthy incidents happening these days, ‘Varnyathil Ashanka’ is a kind of a slap to all the existing political ideologies. Though we can’t find a definite politics in this movie, it is evident from the movie that they have got some specific aims with the story. But, in a sad note, Siddharth Bharathan’s vision hasn’t managed to strike a chord with their actual intentions, or at least what we have though the movie to be. Since the whole happenings of the movie take place during the time span of a day and night, ‘Varnyathil Ashanka’ seems to be a misfired attempt to place a whole lot of ideas within a small time frame.

However, we should find every reason to praise the attempt of the makers behind the movie to in their realistic portrayal of the story. We are neither shown unnecessary sequences, nor were forced to bear over the top comic scenes. But, at the same time, characterization lacked length and breadth, resulting in them reflecting some of the oft repeated popular characters from past. For a good satirical movie, what we need is to have the presence of some strong characters that could slap archetypes in the society. The story of Thrissur Gopalji, though tried its hands at bringing many day – to – day instances for this purpose, hasn’t paid much attention to bring lively characters to perform accordingly. The presence of a bunch of talented and proven artists doesn’t help ‘Varnyathil Ashanka’ either.

Be it Kunchacko Boban, Suraj Venjarammood, Chemban Vinod, Shine Tom Chacko or Manikandan, were given limited scope to perform out therein the script. Or in other words, their actions weren’t backed with a strong and visible motive. That said, barring a few moments, all the characters were able to bring natural usage of the Thrissur slang. Coupled with a good support from Jayesh Nair in capturing the good moments, ‘Varnyathil Ashanka’ should have been a better movie watching experience, had if they managed to weave those different incidents on a better fashion.

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